About Us

Over the years, Treasure Place has produced a series of quality dog ​​sculptures, hand-made to meet the demanding market of people who love and show purebred dogs all over the world.

Many of our works use traditional resin sculptures. The resin sculptures of Priceless love are carefully carved by the sculptor during the entire carving process, and each product is a unique handmade work. Therefore, after placing the order, we need to engrave in the order in which the order was placed. The later shipments will be delayed. We hope that all customers understand this.

We provide more and more sculptures, covering a variety of dog breeds, mainly garden decorations and dog artworks. We sometimes contact artists to reduce the size of their precious products several times or tens of times to provide them to most people at a low cost. We hope that everyone has their favorite sculpture.

From the whims of nature to history, our collection includes easily recognizable species as well as rare and exotic species, which always depict the highest quality specimens of each species.

With new artworks on the shelves regularly, Priceless love will continue to have a reputation for combining art with realism, while striving to provide the best collection of realistic dog sculptures in the world today.

With a lifelong love of purebred dogs, Priceless love proudly created a series of special limited edition sculptures, which are exclusively sold by various national dog breed clubs. Each club is free to decide the best use of funds, but our personal commitment is for the health and welfare of all dogs. We are honored to work with these clubs and see these projects as a major contribution to improving the quality of life of our beloved animals.

Treasure Place also provides more and more practical pet products to express our love for pets.